You didn't think I'd stop at Mongol and JetSetter, right?

Forged from the toughest iron in hottest flames… I present:

Meteor Toys,

The 7 Orbs to Help You Rule the Meteor Universe!


Wow, you contribute greatly to the community!
The site looks nice btw)

ps I would sell every plugin separately, not as a bundle only.
Some screencast would be welcomed too.

Hey looks great!
Is it a user license, or is it a license for each project?

I am only a hobbyist and am happy to buy a license, but I often scrap projects and start over again.
Will I be able to keep using Meteor Toys?
How does that work?

edit: I had a further look on the site but still can’t work out how the licensing works… :frowning:

I think it’s for a single user rather than a particular project. From the

This Agreement grants a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to install and use the Software for a single user.

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Ah I missed that, thanks!!

@msavin it doesn’t let me buy it from gumroad without selecting additional licenses

can you share any details about how you are doing the payment/activation? i think this might be the first paid package. do you think your approach would work for non-debug packages? having more ‘for sale’ packages of very high quality would be nice for the meteor ecosystem.

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To order the tool on Gumroad choose the last entry in the list.

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@cstrat Hey man, thanks for pointing that out. I just updated it to make it a little easier.

Not sure where that link leads to, I get the url and only mongol and jetsetter there

I hope you make lots of money with this and a year from now can say that you’re paying for your own salary with it, like the Discover Meteor team!


Just to be clear, $99 gets us a one year license to use the software?

@aadams The license will work without expiration but you may not be eligible for some new versions

@rahul that would be epic, thank you

purchased :smiley:
look forward to activation and seeing the new features!!

@cstrat Nice, thank you! I just sent your key -> let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

hey I love it!
couple of things I would suggest:

There needs to be a way to minimise the top dialogues once they are opened…
For example, if I click on Pubs, I can’t make that box go away unless I click into another one like impersonate, and then click on a user… that will minimise the top box. Even hiding and showing with ctrl+m leaves them open.

the method calls, am I supposed to be able to input JSON or something with the call?
What does the little note mean, because I can’t find anywhere to add data to the method call?

edit: I just noticed, if you click the black border area around the boxes it minimises them… how about making the title clickable?

@cstrat Awesome
Here’s the response:

  1. You can close the orbs by clicking on the black border. I found it to be cleaner, but do you think there should be a more explicit close button?
  2. The Method widget detects the method params if there are any, and gives you an input for each one. It will try to parse the contents, and if it fails, it will parse it as a string.

It looks like there’s a CSS rendering issue though - may I ask what your OS and browser is? I’ll try to get a fix up shortly.

Edit: Just saw your edit. It sounds like a good idea, and consistent with Mongol/JetSetter. I’ll test it out.

re: method widget, that sounds great. None of my methods are showing any inputs though, and they certainly have inputs. Usually just a single object though, could that be bugging it out?

for example, that screenshot above ‘save_settings’ has a single input which is an object with all the data I wish to save.

I am on latest OSX using Google Chrome 42.0.2311.135 (Official Build) (64-bit)

hey another idea which I think will improve the impersonate widget.
there should be an option to appear logged out, rather than having to manually logout it would let you quickly swap using the panel.