Your opinion: Storing "state" in query params vs redux


Looking for peoples opinions on the criteria you use when deciding to put your state (like on a search page) into redux (or local state) VS into the URL.

For instance, storing in the URL lets your share a specific search results. Storing in redux is (arguably) a little cleaner looking code. What other cost/benefits/considerations cross your mind?


In addition to sharing pages users might want to bookmark a specific page for themselves with the params or pass it around between tabs by manually copying URLs. Both make a strong argument for keeping the data in URLs in my opinion. Especially the latter - modern browsers have powerful UIs due to tabbing and I’d be wary of robbing that functionality from users simply for a cleaner look.


Its about user actions vs pages and the state of certain components. Do you for example want your search results to be linkable? If yes, use the url.


It’s also quite important for search engines that you use URIs properly.