ZenActions: A simple, yet powerful tool to reuse business logic in the view layer

Link to blog post: https://medium.com/@abhiaiyer/zenactions-972e5c61c30c#.dnzz1u6qz

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Here’s a small port of microscope. Super basic


and here’s it in action: http://zenscopeblaze.meteor.com/

I wrote this article to explain a pattern we use at Workpop to abstract business logic from our view layer.

Would love to discuss this!


Are there any example apps built with this that I can look at?

Haha Workpop is!

But that’s on my todo list @sashko. I need to build 2 todo apps that use this. One for React and one for Blaze. I think this is what we discussed over drinks at Customer Day. Let me get on those asap.


Cool - it doesn’t have to be complicated, just enough to get the feel of things!

Awesome blog post! Seems a great pattern to follow.

I’ll just wait on the todo example and @sashko 's review, so I can be sure about some details to start using it on my production app.

Thanks to bring this to the community!


Alrighty @sashko

Here’s a small port of microscope. Super basic

and here’s it in action: http://zenscopeblaze.meteor.com/

I’ll follow up with a React version…

Thanks @josmardias. Sure! Just wanna let you know that this has made my UI code way easier to organize and reason about! Thanks for the love, and please share with any other Meteor Devs!

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This looks great @abhiaiyer. I can’t wait to try this tomorrow morning. I’ve been experiencing some of your pains and looking into ways to alleviate them without introducing unnecessary complexity.

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Awesome! Let me know how it goes!