Zentorial - A place to read and post Meteor Tutorials

Hey guys,

I’ve been working on a few tutorials to help new Meteor users get started quicker by exploring important topics, such as:

  • User accounts
  • Payments
  • Search
  • Mobile

These tutorials are now available on Zentorial: https://www.zentorial.com/
And more of them are coming in the next weeks :slight_smile:

Zentorial is an open marketplace for tech tutorials. While writing (and doing research), I realized that not much is being done to facilitate know-how exchange in the midfield between full courses and forum posts / blogs. So I took a little courage pill and developed a new platform with this purpose. Drawing inspiration from other educational platforms (Udemy, Medium, Codecademy, The Meteor Chef), Zentorial:

  • Works with written tutorials instead of video (easier to produce and to follow)
  • Operates as a marketplace and not a subscription business

I believe that allowing authors to charge money for tutorials is actually a good thing to both sides, because:

  • Creating good educational material takes time - and many developers can’t afford to dedicate time without any revenue in return. So in order to have more people writing (and those who already write, doing it more frequently), a financial incentive can be very effective

  • This knowledge will be used to do things that will, somehow, generate money - so it’s fair that the author gets a share of the value; on the other side, if paying a dollar for a tutorial will spare me 2 days of headache… well, looks like a good deal!

  • The opportunity to generate income encourages (and to some extent requires) authors to invest extra effort in the quality of their work

So to wrap it up, I hope Zentorial can be very useful to all of you - to learn and teach meaningful content. Please, feel free to contact me with suggestions & ideas :slight_smile: