Zero-Bug Software Development

I have written on Medium on achieving Zero-Bug software projects.

In summary, I present a method that puts quality first, and actually increases value throughput over time.

You can read the article here:

Zero-Bug Software Development



This looks just like common sense. Am I missing something?

the zero bugs policy originally states that “no new code is written until all known bugs are removed”. The strict zero bugs policy states that “no new code is written until all bugs are removed”.

Very few shops follow the “weak” zero bug policy, none that I know of follow the latter policy.

@tanis enjoy the fact that you work in a great team if you guys do this :slight_smile: It’s not as common as you might think.

@muaddib you’re spot on. The latter can be achieved when you apply a strict classification to bugs, which allows you to follow the strict version.

Great article Sam, I loved it.

I recently worked on a team that didn’t have a solid process around dealing with bugs vs new features and this would’ve been an incredible framework to use.

Thanks Ben! Glad it’s something that appeals to you.

@sam this is such a great article! I really like how you have defined issue types in stone and have included use cases. I’m going to be implementing this from now on :thumbsup:

Thanks @SkinnyGeek1010, it makes me super happy that you’ll be implementing it. Would love to hear about your experience in a few weeks.

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