`zsh: command not found` when trying to run `run-rs` package

It seems I have f$$ed up my $path/shell and using whatever I found on Google probably made things worth :frowning:

I’m trying to start MongoDb locally with the run-rs package but I constantly get the zsh: command not found error.

echo $path gives the following result:

/Users/andreaswest/.nvm/versions/node/v14.19.1/bin /usr/local/bin /usr/bin /bin /usr/sbin /sbin /Applications/Little Snitch.app/Contents/Components /Library/Apple/usr/bin

The run-rs package is installed in my frontend app.

I’m obviously a total noob when it comes to Mac shell and Terminal usage.

If someone could please point me in the right direction as what I need to do to let zsh find my installed packages again. Thanks in advance!


nvm and npm work fine

I have now reinstalled run-rs globally via npm install run-rs -g command. However I wonder why this was necessary when it was already installed before (maybe for a different NodeJS version?)?