A meteor-mentor initiative - https://meteoruniversity.org/

A few months ago @christbkk started a channel seeking for mentor ship. Only a few days later a slack channel was created to discuss various topics. This slack channel now has around 50 members sharing their problems, their achievements and discussing some node related news.

We encourage all the members to write about the stuff they learned on their private blogs or medium.
To centralize the knowledge we created https://meteoruniversity.org/. “university” is currently more an overstatement than reality, but we hope to evolve with the users.

Thanks for all the people being part of this!
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Hi @sakulstra,

How do i score an invite to the meteor mentors slack channel? The majority of the issues I seem to have are realted to how to think about problems in meteor, as opposed to coding ones which can generally be answered with Google and SO.

Thanks so much.



In the past @serkandurusoy and @kaiyes handled invitation stuff. So I just ping them here and hope they get the :wave: :smiley:
Just to clarify this - this is not a simple help channel(like school). It’s more a discussion and “help to help yourself channel(like a university)”, you can watch one of the youtube videos to get an impression :slight_smile:

thanks for your interest

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Would it be okay if I joined as well? MU sounds really cool.

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@jaysig you can request an invitation using the form at https://meteoruniversity.org/contact/

We have just made this announcement over at our slack channel and I hope this will be useful for all aspiring meteorites out there, too!


As you know, our channel went from frequent chats and weekly live sessions to monthly ones and then came to a near-stop apart from still very good but occasional discussions among a few of you.

When we started out, we had an ambition to provide guidance to those who are new to meteor, javascript or even development in general. The idea has always been around mentoring, not direct answers to very specific questions. For some people this was not the best option, yet for some it was a great fit.

We’ve seen some of you start businesses, some find great jobs, some become medium celebrities.

So I believe the original idea struck a chord and helped create something.

Unfortunately, we did not get a chance to spread the word and make this something standing on its own feet. I personaly tried to avoid putting myself too much out there because I’ve hoped our members to step up and become the mentors. But I believe I did see the sparks juding by an increased activity in terms of blog posts, and answers some of you put out there to help other people.

I guess the pay it forward attitude does account to something.

And you know what, it does!

I feel especially happy today to announce that MVP Space - www.mvp-space.com - has decided to take this idea, put it on steroids and offer it to the masses.

In fact, they have taken a step a few months back, tasking and funding some of their developers to begin building a product to become our platform. It will become the very platform that we had been discussing whether we would have been able to build ourselves on our free time, which did not gain much traction. But now that there is a company backing it up, I’m confident it will see day of light very soon.

Even some of our very own members are already working on that codebase as I write these words.

It also now has larger aspirations. Not only to become a meteor mentoring medium, but in fact a platform where people can generally mentor others, where mentees become mentors in time and there are multituteds of topics, both technical and business, to begin learning and mentoring on.

It is called the Mentor Academy, a fitting name.

The platform is in the works, but MVP Space has agreed to start fostering a community on Slack so that when the plaform indeed goes live, we will already have formed some relationships, accrued some knowledge and experience together.

So please come over and subscribe over at http://mentoracademy.co/ for an invitation, and let’s pick this up where we left it, and then some!

Let’s pay it forward, cheers!

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