A Shopping Cart using Apollo + Meteor + Postgres

Cranking out the apollo examples.


I was actually looking for code that has Meteor, Apollo, Redux, and a SQL database. Thanks!

Also, does Meteor really provide us with anything here? Apollo replacing MiniMongo, DDP, PubSub, Methods, and MongoDB. React for Blaze. Redux instead of the reactive libs. Why I am asking is that if I replace Meteor with Webpack, I get faster build times too. I don’t know if I am missing anything here about what the Meteor ecosystem would provide. Except if you we go for reactivity now (Apollo has polling for now).

Looking to hear what you say?

That’s about right. Accounts is making it into Apollo eventually, so Meteor becomes a set of guidelines about app structure, an ecosystem of packages built to work together, a build tool that makes it easy to use everything together.


Thanks sashko! I am just curious as to when I can expect the Meteor build tool to become faster like Webpack as waiting for the build each time makes development very slow.

Does that mean that livequery and the ‘websockets for all’ approach will be separated from the build tool?

Exactly! While it is a great getting started experience to have a standard set of tools, those things should be able to work independently. Apollo is the start of decoupling data from the rest of Meteor and making it usable in all apps.

That’s great to hear. Meteor’s build tool is really killer. I really can’t believe the hoops we have to jump through to configure non-meteor Node.js apps. And while Livequery et. al. is impressive, it would be great to be able to use the base build tool to run a pure Express or Hapi server when that’s needed.

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I’m equally excited about that prospect! I’ve been knocking down the Meteor team’s door asking for this every day, so that I can just put meteor-tool in my devDependencies and not have to install it separately, bring in MongoDB, etc.

Sorry, this is off topic, but I have to ask if you’ve tried the react hot-loading for Meteor? The latest 1.3.2-refactor.12 release is one away from being v2.0.0-rc.0, and actually supports hot loading other things too.

This and Wallaby.js have been my two biggest productivity boons this year (disclosure: I’m the author of the former), and it’s the same kind of idea - why rerun all tests when we only care about the tests affected by what we’re currently working on. But yeah to keep on topic if you have any questions about this you can ask in that thread.


This! Exciting. I love mongo but I’d really love postgres for my app.

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