About the issue - "I'm stuck on 'Downloading meteor-tool@' whenever running any projects."


It seems that many suffered from this and frustrated.

I also gone through this problem for two example projects, and got a brief solution.
(Environment: windows 7 64bit, Meteor 1.5.1)

------------------------ Working solution
for a project, do these once.

  1. do “meteor update”
  • This is just following the message - “Meteor 1.5.2 is available. Update this project with ‘meteor update’”.
    I guess maybe the meteor team have prepared for this.
  1. do “meteor npm install --save babel-runtime”
  • “meteor run” after “meteor update”, some babel related errors occur.
    (This solution is also appeared on the console.)

------------------------ Remain issues

  1. You have to do this heavy process for every projects.(Although it is once.)
  2. Is this a problem just in particular environment?
  3. Has meteor team any patch plan? (maybe…but it seems difficult.)


Currently, the installation file is Meteor 1.5.1, whereas, on the console message, it suggests 1.5.2.
So I guess maybe this is a just wait-and-see problem, for the next version.


My understanding is that in Windows the bundled extraction tool (7-zip 32bit) is what slows down the updates. When Meteor for Windows switches to 64bit the problems should be solved.

A few folks have had speed increases digging into their Meteor install and replacing the 32bit 7-zip binary with the 64bit one in the mean time however


Thanks, I guess you are right. I believe 1.5.2 and follow-up patches will solve the window 64-bit problem and many others. It is certain that the team is striving hard.


for me windows defender was slowing down the extraction progress. Task Manager showed 30-50% CPU usage for both, 7z and Anti Malware Executable, during extraction. So whenever a new meteor version is downloaded i exclude the bundled 7z application in the windows defender settings and the performance boost has been great since :slight_smile: 2-3 hours back then vs a few minutes now.


Luckily for me, “meteor update” ended in about an hour. With many downloads and updates, it’s likely to be very frustrating under many windows environments.