Adding TypeScript: Single point of truth docs?

I’d like to add TypeScript to my existing Meteor app, yet I got a bit confused by the docs I could find with a first google query (pretty sparse altogether):

The Community Packages page mentions to add TypeScript via

meteor add refapp:meteor-typescript

while the Packosphere page


# meteor add typescript

Also, the former mentions that tsconfig.json is supported, while the latter claims it is not.

So I guess that the Community Package description is refering to the latest version? It’s pretty confusing, because a) on Github, the version is 0.3.6, while on Packosphere it’s v5.0.0-alpha300.9. Packosphere even uses the same logo as the Meteor Community Project itself, so I would have expected they are on the same page here.

In general: Is there any more docs on TypeScript in Meteor out there, like a tutorial? The docs on TypeScript are pretty short.

I would especially be interested in some hints on

  • how to gradually include TypeScript into an existing project
  • any incompatibilities with other build-level packages
  • how to generate the right tsconfig.json file (if I add the package to my existing project, it complains about a missing one)
  • any TypeScript-related scaffolding options in the meteor tools
  • how do I exclude certain node_modules libraries for which there are not type definitions (the exclude section doesn’t do the trick)
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Extending this thread as I go, documenting my issues, as a basis for a potential tutorial. Many of them might just be due to me being a TS noob, but I guess others might run into these as well.

  • add tsconfig.json from a basic meteor create --typescript scaffold
  • if the first run throws a lot of errors for files under node_modules, these can be suppressed by setting the skipLibCheck: true flag
  • before you do that, check if there’s any hints like Try npm i --save-dev @types/three` in the output. These are potential candidates for missing type definitions. Adding these does not help to get rid of the errors, because the types don’t seem to match the actual files (maybe a versioning thing?)
  • If you use eslint, add @typescript-eslint/parser @typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin to your dev dependencies. However, plugin:@typescript-eslint/recommended did not work for me, I had to use plugin:@typescript-eslint/eslint-recommended
  • Changing the parser from babel-eslint to @typescript-eslint/parser caused errors in all existing components, because they imported React. Found no way yet to suppress this. Kept the babel parser for now.
  • .tsx files could only be imported including their full file extension. To change this, I had to add the .ts and .tsx extensions to settings.import/resolver.meteor.extensions in the .eslintrc file.

For react applications:

  • If you used .js as a file extension for JSX files, renaming them to .ts won’t work. The extension has to be .tsx
  • In WebStorm, I also had to change the config flag jsx from preseve to react-jsx. Otherwise it would still complain about the JSX tags
  • If you used to explicitly import React, the TS compiler now complaints that “‘React’ is declared but its value is never read.”
  • However, if you remove the import, WebStorm shows these errors, for which I haven’t found a solution yet. Bummer.
  • Update: This vanished once I added the right ESLint configs for TypeScript, see above
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This post seems to be the most recent one on topic: Notes on enabling TypeScript in an existing Meteor app (June 2021).

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Did you try the official documentation? Build System | Meteor Guide

Did not see this, no. But it’s even shorter than the others :slight_smile:

Thanks, did not see this thread. Seems like the poster also had quite some trouble with the existing docs (“terse”, as he puts it).