After upgrade to Meteor

After upgrade, It show

Newer versions of the following indirect dependencies are available:
 * coffeescript 1.0.17 (2.3.2_1 is available)
 * peerlibrary:extend-publish 0.3.0 (0.5.0 is available)
 * peerlibrary:subscription-scope 0.2.0 (0.4.0 is available)
These versions may not be compatible with your project.
To update one or more of these packages to their latest
compatible versions, pass their names to `meteor update`,
or just run `meteor update --all-packages`.

How to update these packages?

Did you try following the instructions in the message:

Yes, I tried meteor update --all-packages, but still don’t work

Okay, try meteor update --all-packages --allow-incompatible-updates

Also, note that this does carry the risk that the new versions won’t work with the packages that depend on them.

Unless there’s something specific that you need, you might be better off with the older packages and not worrying about it

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Thanks again, I will try.
and if still have problem I will stay on Meteor1.7

if you just do a simple update (without options), you will get meteor 1.8 without the potentially incompatible packages

you can also create a new unix user and a new bare project, then populate by copying your sources

(i mean you have to take care of being able to restore your project directory and your $HOME/.meteor directory in case you need to go back)

OK, thanks this is good to try :blush: