How to update certain packages after 1.8 upgrade?

HI, I just upgraded my core application to from 1.6 to 1.7 and then to 1.8.01. As you can see few packages are not getting updated. In previous releases I tried to update the rest of packages by doing meteor update --all-packages. However I don’t know what order I should upgrade the bellow packages . Do I upgrade the coffeescript first or aldeed:tabular. , etc ? Or should I just leave them alone for now ?


meteor update
This project is already at Meteor, the latest release.
Your top-level dependencies are at their latest compatible versions.

Newer versions of the following indirect dependencies are available:

  • aldeed:tabular 1.6.1 (2.1.1 is available)
  • coffeescript 1.0.17 (2.3.2_1 is available)
  • fourseven:scss 4.5.4 (4.10.0 is available)
  • reywood:publish-composite 1.5.2 (1.7.0 is available)
  • softwarerero:accounts-t9n 1.3.11 (2.3.1 is available)
    These versions may not be compatible with your project.
    To update one or more of these packages to their latest
    compatible versions, pass their names to meteor update,
    or just run meteor update --all-packages.

Apologies this is a repeat of After upgrade to Meteor

I will try to upgrade each package one by one on 1.8 on my QA environment and see what happens. But it would be nice to find out whats the dependency of each package like aldeed:tabular , etc.

Isn’t that what meteor list --tree provides?

Personally I would just update the ones that you use directly and not worry about the rest.

You’re more likely to have issues by forcing updates than by leaving them

Thanks coagmano and jamgold. I will leave these few packages alone for now as you suggest.
I just didn’t want to fall behind too much on upgrades thats why I upgraded from 1.6 to 1.7 and 1.8 for the core. Granted some of these less famous packages get left behind by their owners and not not updated as frequently as the core packages. In all very happy with wonderful Meteor :slight_smile:

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