Alternative github free for private repo?

I want to use private repo free on githib.
Have any way or alternative?

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You could use on your own server.

I base on windows 7, so I can’t use gitlab .
Have any more is a good alternative to github.

Yep, and even accepts teams up to 5 members deep.

I recommend Visual Studio Online. It gives you unlimited free private git repos for up to 5 users.

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I use They offer a free plan is a new one that I have started using. They have great deployment scripts and allow three private repos

gogs github clone written in GO

What do you think about Gitbucket for locallhost?

Have a .edu email address and get 5 free private repos on github.

If you like github you might love gitlab.

You can sign up for, where you can have infinite public and private repositories and collaborators for free.

Full disclosure: I’m a GitLab engineer.

Let me know if you need any help, find me @Jobvo.

Great if free repo and free member.
I will try now…

Are you a student, or do you know a non-computer-science student with a student email account? Seeing as they probably have no interest in git you could probably ask them to register for an account with student discount and forward emails from github to your email account.

You can get five free private repos with the github student pack

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Now I find the SCM-Manager for localhost.
What do you think???

If you just want to do version control on your computer with git, you don’t need any external service - git works just fine offline.

People here are mainly suggesting tools that will let you create a private repo that you can share with other people easily.

Which one are you looking for @theara?

Another vote for MS Visual Studio Online from me.