Android and Hot Code Push on Install

I’m seeing two issues with hot code pushes on android only ios works fine.

On install it only ever shows the version of my code when I created the APK, closing and re-opening the app seems to fix it for me . But one of my clients who has a samsung s9 is never getting any code pushes. I’m working remotely and haven’t had his phone in my hand so there’s a chance he doesn’t understand how to properly close apps. But the install issue is pretty significant.

I tried this really dated package mdg:reload-on-resume but no dice. Any suggestions?

I’m running Meteor 1.8

Just bumping this not sure if anyone has insight to at least how to always get your app to show the latest code on install for Android.

HCP was only recently fixed in Meteor 1.8.1-beta.14

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Ah great thank you very much