Last Version of HCP Working?


So HCP seems to have really inconsistent functionality. Just wondering whats the latest stable version with HCP functional. Is there a way to fetch the latest code? I found some very old packages that seem to do just this but I don’t want to play with 4-5 year old package obviously.

I’ve been running 1.8 and on app install I never get the latest version of the code just whatever was embedded what I created the build for Android. Some of my clients have seen the same behaviour with iPhones. I was told it was broken and there’s a beta version that works but also seems unstable.

Then I downgraded to the last update and the same no HCP on install occurs.

I generally can close the app and re-open to get the latest code but one of my clients seems to have difficulty with that as well.


Seems like it was broken in 1.6.2 so the latest stable version with HCP functional was 1.6.1 (not 100% sure).

Recently, 1.8.1-beta.14 fixed the HCP bug


Oh wow that’s pretty surprising I don’t think this is mentioned at all in the official docs and I’ve combed through a ton of posts about HCP issue. Thanks for the responses, on both posts, hopefully we can get this back and working.


It’s working fine for me on METEOR@1.8.

The only problem in this version is when you are changing images inside public folder, as I don’t use this folder to store images it’s working without any problem.


I tried getting rid of everything in my public folder. Really no fix. This isn’t super broken but HCP just doesn’t seem to behave the way I’m expecting based on how it impacts someone actively using the web app.

Again on a fresh install Android always loads whatever version of the code was packed when the APK was created. It will load the latest if the app is completely closed and re-opened.

But if someone is actively using either app no update occurs and a lot of error states can happen.


Hello, do you know this package You can control your HCP behavior in a better way with it.

Give it a try and let me know if you need help.


I haven’t the other reloader packages were much more out of date. I’ll give this a shot. btw cleaning up my public folder both getting rid of pngs and font files caused errors. But I’m still not at 100% functionality.

The public folder is definitely going to remain empty for me.


We were debating about having the public folder empty with working HCP + S3 assets vs. waiting for the HCP fix + images in the public folder

Our conclusion was that users felt our app as native app when the internal images load instantly vs. being initially loaded from S3. Didn’t realize that there is a difference from how users perceive the app


My experience has been, you can have resources in public, you just cant change them without an app submission.


Our images are inside a Meteor local package with many other styles settings then the images are served locally and we avoid the public folder problem.

You can do the same to have both benefits.


Can you point on the technique how to load the images from a local package?


I did not check the network requests on Cordova build then maybe they are coming from network and I’m stupid but we are doing like this:

<Image src="/packages/common-styles/images/loading.svg" />

in this case common-styles is a local package with a folder called images.

we also have a code to prefetch (using fetch) these assets because our app works offline then we need load these assets in advance in case the user goes offline later.

Sorry for the long delay in the reply.