Announcing Meteor

After some slight hiccups with 1.3.2 and, I’m happy to let you know that Meteor is now a recommended release! You can begin using by running meteor update in any app directory.

Changes since v1.3.1:


  • Fixed bugs #6819 and #6831.


  • Fixed faulty comparison of .sourcePath and .targetPath properties of files scanned by the ImportScanner, which caused problems for apps using the tap:i18n package. 6e792a7cf25847b8cd5d5664a0ff45c9fffd9e57


  • The meteor/meteor repository now includes a file:

  • Running npm install in bundle/programs/server when deploying an app also rebuilds any binary npm dependencies, fixing #6537. Set METEOR_SKIP_NPM_REBUILD=1 to disable this behavior if necessary.

  • Non-.js(on) files in node_modules (such as .less and .scss) are now processed by compiler plugins and may be imported by JS. #6037

  • The jquery package can now be completely removed from any app (#6563), and uses <app>/node_modules/jquery if available (#6626).

  • Source maps are once again generated for all bundled JS files, even if they are merely identity mappings, so that the files appear distinct in the browser, and stack traces make more sense. #6639

  • All application files in imports directories are now considered lazy, regardless of whether the app is using the modules package. This could be a breaking change for 1.3.2 apps that do not use modules or ecmascript but contain imports directories. Workaround: move files out of imports, or rename imports to something else.

  • The npm-bcrypt package has been upgraded to use the latest version (0.8.5) of the bcrypt npm package.

  • Match.Optional only passes if the value is null or the specified type, whereas previously it accepted undefined. Use Match.Maybe to allow undefined. #6735

  • Compiler plugins can call addJavaScript({ path }) multiple times with different paths for the same source file, and will reflect this path instead of the source path, if they are different. #6806

  • Fixed bugs:


Congrats! :slight_smile: @benjamn I have a quick question regarding css, less, scss etc. imports in JavaScript files. Is there a way to get not only css content in the ‘modules/css.js’ addStyles method, but also the extension and filename? Or could it be implemented? Then we could build upon it :wink: Also it would be awesome if ‘modules’ package could be replaceable or css.js file could be moved to another replaceable package so we would be able to experiment. For example with something like: :wink: Thanks!

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I’m still getting the same error (File to import not found) with when trying to import a CSS file:

@import '{}/node_modules/bootstrap/scss/bootstrap.scss';

Is CSS import supposed to just work out of the box for packages or is there some step I’m missing?


Updating broke my use of the changed callback in the observe cursor of a local minimongo collection…

  changed: function(new) {
    if (new._id == "id") {

I will open an issue. Edit: here is the issue:

Also had to meteor remove momentjs:moment and replace with npm install moment from npm

Good to see a faster release cycle. :thumbsup:


Agree. Your effort to release often @benjamn is awesome thanks again for all of your hard work :smile:

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So - this happened after my update.

mymeteorapp: updated to Meteor
=> Errors while upgrading packages:
While checking for momentjs:moment@2.13.0:
error: No compatible binary build found for this package. Contact the package author and ask them to publish it for your platform.

But moment() works as it did before. Should I be worried?

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You can install moment via NPM, I have it working in my app.
Remove the meteor package and just save it to node_modules.

@benjamn thanks for the informative post on the update! this seems to have fixed an issue I had

Not sure if you knew about it, but it was very frustrating to diagnose.

What do you type in the terminal to do that? I tried this morning but couldn’t get it working.

Ended up just reverting to 1.3.1 (first time I’ve had to do that since 0.5.7).

First remove the package:
meteor remove momentjs:moment

Now install via npm with:
meteor npm install moment

Use it in your app with:
import moment from 'moment'

Thanks @cstrat.

Any easy way to get the moment symbol global?

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I remember someone explaining a way to make something global, so pretty sure you can do it! However I haven’t done it myself.

Whenever I reference moment - I just import it at the top of the file.
Maybe someone else can jump in and answer this one, sorry I don’t want to tell you the wrong thing :blush:

All good. Thanks for your input. I’ll do some Googling. :grin:

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Thank for the commands, cstrat.
But how do I change the locale without access to moment object?

You could always import it then make it global yourself. Something like:

  1. /imports/startup/client/globals.js:
import moment from 'moment';
window.moment = moment;
  1. /client/main.js:
import '/imports/startup/client/globals.js';

Yep, I get how that would work. I’ll definitely run with this if the momentjs:moment package doesn’t get updated in the next day or two.

(Thanks for this – I’m not particularly au fait with my imports yet, but those little codes snippet clear a few things up!)

[EDIT: momentjs:moment did get an update that works with]

Should aliasify work with this release or with Meteor build tool?

Probably a silly question, but after I did a meteor update and then meteor --version it’s still showing version 1.3.1. Shouldn’t it say I was on 1.2.1 before the update. I tried running the update a second time, but it said that I was already running the latest. This is on Windows 10-X64.


meteor update --release

I had to manually set the version flag for it to work.