Antd 2.0 released in English - the best React components library 👍

Ant Design of React documentation in English is available after 8 months translation project.
Ant Design of React is the most advanced react components library, more details


Awesome!!! The best in class

Awesome, way more better than Material UI!

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I agree. Antd is definitely the most mature React components library.

Still wish semantic-ui was react-style.
Anyway, Ant seems more flexible than material (but poor colors ._. )

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@gothicmage There is already the project for new color system as well as separation of icons:

this is how i can successfully install Ant Design in Meteor 1.4.2

meteor npm install --save antd
meteor npm install --save-dev babel-plugin-import

then create .babelrc in you meteor project root directory:

 "plugins": [["import", { "libraryName": "antd", "style": "css" }]]

Why is babel-plugin-import needed?

It looks rock solid!

Hope the Ant Design Mobile of React section will be translated soon, too.

The documentation said that babel plugin will convert

import { Button } from 'antd';


import Button from 'antd/lib/button';

It means meteor packager will only bundle specific used components, not all antd components. And it will also load css style needed by this Button component only.


Ah, gotcha. Thanks! This looks really slick!

Thanks for the babel config!

I’m already using antd extensively in production and must say I’m very happy with its performance and flexibility. Very happy that I switch from the bootstrap mix I was running before, still in the process of phasing out all bootstrap modules. I did a antd package for uniforms. I’m running my uniforms of but its still a work in progress, I think most of the standard components are stable for now which will hopefully be published under uniforms-antd in the near future (I’m just having a hard time writing the required tests).

Look great, But I would like to config to English for default.

you can use <LocaleProvider locale={enUS}> as root component to make english default

@theara I have proposed Ebglish default PR
But it will be added probably in 3.0.0 version. Feel free to use my code proposal.

thanks, now it work fine.

@mrmsupport, when you release uniforms-antd?

Hi @theara. Hoping very soon. As far as I find the development is done. I’ve had conversations with the developers of uniforms and they are in the process of merging the pull request. If I’m correct, its only documentation and testing that needs to be implemented. @radekmie might be able to give a more details.

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Yes it is. I’m even writing these tests now.

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