Any comments on Blueprintjs?

Just stumbled on it… Wondering if anyone here has experience (+/-) with that would like to share? At a glance looks interesting, but never hear of it before.

I think @ric0 had some experience on it and I’m sure he’d like to share his opinions.

Yep, I used it to setup the FE UI of a meteor project in his inception phase.

I had a quite good first impression using it and most things seemed just to work.

I certainly can recommend to give it a try also because blueprintjs has a quite good documentations. That’s one of the most important criteria for me while considering trying something new.

I remember that getting it up and running was quite easy.

Having saying that I didn’t dig enough to know if any particular issue would arise under heavy development or if the provided component set would cover enough use cases.

All in all thumbs up for blueprintjs though :slight_smile:


I am having trouble loading Blueprints assets, getting Failed to decode downloaded font errors. My naive approach was to just

import ‘@blueprintjs/core/dist/blueprint.css’;

@ric0 Can you point me in the right direction?

@tim17 f you put import '@blueprintjs/core/dist/blueprint.css' in /client/main.js that is exactly what I did as well.

You should make sure that it’ll be imported during the startup.

@ric0 Thx for the reply!

And with only this import the images are showing up? I needed to copy the resources folder from node_modules/@blueprintjs/core into the public folder in order to see them.

That seems to be only way, as also hinted here.

@tim17 Well, yes. I forgot to write that I had to do that, too.