Any line of business app examples out there (forms, tables etc)

I’ve worked through the todo app examples and lots of others too and they’ve been great, but we typically do line of business apps with lots of forms with fields that write back to the database when a submit button is pressed so it would be really useful to see some examples of that kind of thing.

Does anyone know of an example that has some forms that illustrate all the normal boring stuff, i.e.

  • Inserting new records (or upserting them)
  • Updating existing records
  • Client-side and server-side validation
  • Showing validation errors to the user

I’m interested in both Blaze and React flavours of those if anyone knows of any?

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@themeteorchef has a great tutorial on Building Complex Forms (using Blaze) that covers a lot of the items you’re infestered in. Aside from that, maybe take a look at how forms are being handled in some of the larger open-source Meteor projects, like Telescope, Wekan, etc.

1 Like actually has some very nice examples.

Thank you, they were both excellent suggestions. Being new to the open source world I keep forgetting that you can go and look at the source code of real apps. The Meteor Chef example is great too, lots of really useful stuff there.

I saw that and then forgot about it, thanks for reminding me. autoform could really do with an update via a method example somewhere there or in the docs, I’ll try and submit one once I’m confident I’m doing it correctly myself.