Any package for users administration?

I am developing an app in which I need a strict control of user accounts creation. Only administrators should be able to create accounts (with a password automatically generated), and manage users. I start building something around accounts-base and accounts-password but I wonder if there is some package that can meet this kind of need? Any idea ?
Thanks in advance for your help.


Thank you brajt. I already plan to use alanning:roles. But I wonder if there is a turnkey solution with a ui?

Maybe mrt:accounts-admin-ui-bootstrap-3?

I would avoid anything with a mrt user name. They’re unmaintained and have been so for a while…

see discussion here for more info on mrt packages

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Ok. Thank you for your advise garrilla. And what about brylie:accounts-admin-ui?

I think that package and kaoskeya:meteor-admin are forked from the mrt package.
Is it better to use them ?

I spent a lot of time looking for the same thing, but ended up rolling my own. I really wish I had the time to turn it into a package but I am a one man band with lots of things on my hands so right now I don’t have the bandwidth. Just writing this to tell you that basically no, there isn’t.

And, unfortunately, now that the front end part of the framework is getting fragmented, the chances of creating one that works for most people is even slimmer…

Pure Admin loads it’s meteor client on the admin route so it always has the same packages and css framework no matter what app it is in.

I have plans to create a package for Pure Admin to manage users, after I finish the package to manage the data in MongoDB.

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Mmm! That’s a very clever approach to create isolation between a general purpose admin package and the app! Looking forward to it.

Actually no, you just set weak dependencies and check, if package exists. But it will add some kb, yes.

It would be great if we could check if the package exists directly in package.js to include only needed files.

I agree. I didn’t find any existing feature requests, so I created one.

@redabey Maybe take a look at

Josh Owens recently wrote an article on using this package: