Any package/recommendation for displaying Word Doc, PDF, PPT files (read-only)

I am trying to create a page where the user can view the content of any of the common files. This will be read only and not able to edit it. The content will be served from the server.

Atmosphere did not have much regarding this. Are there any packages or tools in Javascript that I can use for this? Or some recommendation on how to go about this.


Box has an API for that but I guess you’ll need to do the integration.

Thanks, that looks interesting. I’m looking into it. Although it might not work for me in this situation because I am trying to serve content from my own server / S3 bucket.

you can use google docs viewer within an iframe:

<iframe src="{{url}}&embedded=true" frameborder="0"></iframe>

I created a template (component) to wrap the iframe with reactive stuff, such as displaying a spinner until the iframe is loaded. the template depends on specific parts of my project and is not built for sharing
However, if you’re interested in more information you can ask me

Yes, I think this might work. Thanks!

you can just display PDF in the browser. @wallslide can you outline the approach you took with White Rabbit shipping docs?

ah found it