Any tips on migrating from Rails (data, accounts, etc)?

Hello, I’ve been using Meteor for a few months. Lately, I’ve been working on a forum with a friend. He had started it with Rails before I joined.

I joined and took over the technical responsibilities, continuing in Rails because it was just easier to modify and add to what we already had. Now, with a significant change in direction, I want to use Meteor.

Issue: we have ~100 discussions and ~80 hard-won users we don’t want to lose.

Are there any tools or methods any of you recommend for migrating data from a Rails-Postgres environment to a Meteor-Mongo environment?

I’m particularly concerned about user accounts, as if worst comes to worst, I can do the discussions by hand. Users are fickle…and out of my control!

You’ll be better off creating users using the builtin Accounts.createUser() based on your user data. This would make sure you populate the accounts system properly.

I suggest you to mimic the structure of your database one to one and don’t go for any mongodb specific subdocuments, embedded documents, denormalizations etc. You can always do that later. This way, you’ll be able to translate your logic from rails to javascript.

Also, a copy of would come in handy.

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