Any way to allow non-tech people to edit page/template content?


I’d like a way to create a Meteor site but allow my client to edit certain pages’ content, even if they’re editing raw HTML (no code access of course). But Meteor compiles everything into JS. Is there some way I could do this?

Separating all verbiage from templates and code?

The package babrahams:editable-text-wysiwyg-bootstrap-3 is probably the easiest way. See this meteorpad for an example. But then, I am babrahams, so you might want to take that recommendation with a grain of salt. :wink:


If you need another way to do something similar, you can use the Houston package which is like Django Admin. This is only good if the stuff you wanna edit comes directly from the DB. Not quite what you want, but thought I would mention it anyways because I had a similar need and it turned out Houston was sufficient.

It lets you edit DB documents on the fly in an admin panel - clearly this will only be useful if you want to edit inner html text that comes from the DB. Theoretically you could have the user subscribe to the html skeleton, stored in the DB, but that is not standard practice.


Thanks guys! @streemo, definitely familiar with Houston, but it’s not what I’m looking for in this case.