Anyone used the Mobile / Cordova friendly Onsen UI 2.0 with Meteor?


Seems like they divorced themselves from Angular and made a framework agnostic version… nice!

Anyone had a play with it on Meteor/Cordova?

If so, how’d it go?


I’d be interested as well.


Hi @keithnicholas and @skirunman,
I try to use OnsenUI 2 with Meteor
I start new demo project to test and solve Meteor specific issue of this awesome package.
You can see this example here:

I suggest to contribute and extend this together.
I announced and try talk about this here: OnsenUI 2 with Meteor 1.3+


I used OnsenUI2 with their React API and Meteor
It worked well for Chrome/Firefox desktop and on iOS.
But app performance on Android was terrible, so I abandoned it for a different framework.
I don’t know what caused it, and didn’t have the time to dig into it because I had to develop an app in 4 days…


what did you abandon it for?

I’ve abandoned Meteor mostly :slight_smile: and am now using

for UI I’m using


with redux / react

Not mobile specific, but can make mobile looking UI pretty easily with those building blocks


Mind sharing what other framework you’re now using?
I am trying F7 and happy so far, but wondering what else we have.


Did you use Crosswalk for Android? I don’t think the performance is so terrible, perhaps you had some specific issues that can be fixed. I understand you had no time to debug it but in case you try it again, we can help fixing stuff if you open issues in Onsen UI repo.


@fdx I tried using onsen 2 with meteor and looks like we have a breaking issue. I looked into github onsen issues and looks like other people are facing the same issue too. Its a bug like this. No matter which onsen - meteor project you run it doesn’t work and comes up with two errors. One of them looks like this


solved this issue by downgrading to 2.0.0-rc.16. Just run a npm install onsenui@2.0.0-rc.16 . The support team is awesome. They responded in a days time and started investigating the issue.


More info here:


Thanks @fdx for answering our questions quickly