Apollo Tutorial and general stability

I used to like Meteor but I’m not sure anymore. You guys announce with great fanfare that Apollo is the next best thing. However, none of the tutorials / demos / samples work smoothly. Dependencies change daily and in short never work. Stop pursuing the latest gizmo and show some respect for us who try to catch up and waste seemingly infinite amount of time refactoring our code to follow. If Apollo is now, then stop adding/changing everything and focus on documentation, otherwise call it a futuristic demo and wait till you figure the bumps out before fanfaring.

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It states very clearly on the main page and the docs that its a technical preview.


A simple solution to this problem is to not use meteor/graphql at all.

Golang has an awesome standard library that is very stable and doesn’t change or break anything very often.

Phoenix is similar to meteor in a lot of ways and has gained a decent following even on the meteor forums with “Phoenix as a meteor alternative” as well as “Meteor in front, Phoenix in back.”

Feathers.js has been brought up several times around the forums as a possible replacement.

Sails.js is a cool framework.

If you want to use GraphQL and aren’t satisfied with MDG’s current solution you could go straight to source and use what Facebook is currently using via Relay and GraphQL. Here is a starter project for you.

If none of the above solutions are stable enough for you, you can always start your own framework in your language of choice that way you can be in charge of making sure that it’s stable.

It got old a few months ago with everyone creating threads about how bad MDG is and “is it time to leave MDG”, or “time for a community fork?.”

If you don’t like breaking changes then don’t run on bleeding edge technology. MDG isn’t forcing anyone to use meteor nor are they forcing anyone to use Apollo. If you don’t like either of those two JS frameworks just find one of the literally thousands out there that you do like.


Thanks Khamoud,

I agree with you, Apollo is a year away from the kind of stability that I would need. I’m leaning towards Relay as my project is data heavy. I’ll keep Meteor for smaller scope project centered around MongoDB.