App does not load because `process.version.slice` is not defined

Since today, my app does not load correctly on Google Chrome. In the console, I see this error:

and this leads to an error in the `_stream_writable.js" module:

Any idea what might cause this?

Sometimes, the app loads if I reload the page. But not on the first attempt. Only Chrome (macOS) is affected, Firefox and Safari show the page without this error message.

Seems like server code is being executed in the browser

process.version is a node property

I ran into a similar issue in Chrome on Mac OS X (and Ubuntu) today. The only way I could “fix it” was to delete Chrome data ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome, as Clearing Browser Data did not work. Very mysterious as the error just showed up, appeared to corrupt Chrome and now I can’t replicate it.

It seems as if the Apollo Client Tools extension for Chrome is the actual culprit: App does not load because `process.version.slice` is not defined · Issue #11345 · meteor/meteor · GitHub