App for independent orthopedic practice


Searching for an app for use by an independent orthopedic practice, where patients pay cash. Online views of MRIs, CTs and X-rays greatly desired for the surgeon to do an evaluation.


Take a look at and maybe ping @awatson1978 and read up on her latest post on the topic!


Just don’t see anything. Would anyone be interested in developing it?


You can post a job - for free - at

I can’t help but wonder, why do you want one written on meteor? Don’t get me wrong, I think Meteor would be a great fit, I’m just curious because your forum profile suggests that you are new here, so it always helps us - the meteor veterans - to understand what brings you by so that we can improve on if not leverage that direction!


You’ll want to take a look at the Open Health Imaging Foundation. May get you something for viewing images; but probably lacking workflow and charting. If you need build out in addition to what’s provided by OHIF, we’re available for contract work (although we charge industry rates). Good luck!


Thanks Abigail. Great for dicom viewing and it works seamlessly with your Meteor stack.