"<App Name> May Slow Down your iPhone" message on iOS 10.1

Meteor = 1.4.2
MacOS = 10.12
Xcode = 8.1
iOS simulator = 10.1

I’ve followed the Meteor todo app tutorial and when I execute meteor run ios to run the app on the simulator, I am greeted with a message saying “The developer of this app needs to update it to improve compatibility”

This message seems to be related to build architectures - i.e. a 64-bit iPhone running a 32-bit app? Do I need to open the xcodeproj file and change any compiler / arch settings? It’s also possibly related to Swift version incompatibilities mentioned here: iOS 10 compatibility ?

Thanks in advanced for your help!


Yop guys, nobody else have the problem ? or nobody is using meteor 1.4.2 ?

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I’m using and I still get the message.

ok using meteor run ios-device, the pb do not appears anymore