App not running in firefox


We recently upgraded the meteor app to meteor 1.3.2 and start to get problem in firefox.

The whole application just could not be loaded by FF, the console is complaining about an error in modules.js and the error message is like:

SyntaxError: invalid for/in left-hand side

And if I click into the modules.js file, it’s located on a line like:
for (const scriptSrc of config.scripts) { ... }

Looks like something wrong with the FF’s support of const syntax in ES6.

not sure how we could work around this.

Any suggestion is appreciated.

App not loading on firefox

Do you have the ecmascript package installed?

meteor add ecmascript

[ Edit: it may also be worth confirming that config.scripts is an iterable object (like an array), although if it’s working in Chrome, then it must be. ]


Thanks for the reply.

Yes we have ecmascript installed in the project.
After some googling, I found this post:

which is saying the reason could be jsdom npm package version is too high.

I’m not sure which component imported that but we were using jsdom@9.4.1. and npm is complaining about this package is not necessary.

npm prune

removed that npm package and later builds worked well in firefox.