😎 Awesome Meteor List

Are you using vlasky:mysql? What issue are you having?

We are actively using and maintaining Meteor Azure for hosting on App Service. It supports zero-downtime and parallel multi-region deployments.


Thanks Rami, I will add Meteor Azure, it is surely awesome!

With that said, I’d also encourage folks to go with Galaxy as it is picking up more features specific to Meteor (such as changing the settings, notifications, GraphQL API, scaling rules, Meteor specific monitoring etc. and has a more predictable pricing model) and equally important that it will fund further development in the Meteor ecosystem.

If you’re profitable and hosting elsewhere, then I’d ecnourge you (and others) to sponsor the community (pay what your business can afford). We want to keep Meteor thriving and growing for years to come.

Let us know if there are other package or resources you would like to share.

@vlasky I looked around for a sample project to run up and poke around with - perhaps a bit lazy on my part.
I tried a couple of old examples, but they didn’t work. Can you suggest a good starting point, or should it all just work ‘out of the box’ ?

I wonder if it should be a pull request to https://project-awesome.org/Urigo/awesome-meteor

Added monitoring section:

  • Monitoring
    Galaxy APM: Galaxy built-in Meteor apps monitoring tool
    MontiAPM : standalone hosted Meteor monitoring service
    Open Kadira: Open source meteor monitoring tool
    Meteor APM: Performance Monitoring for Meteor based on Elastic APM

Let me know if you’ve any other monitoring tool in mind, also I’d like to add a testing section and load performance testing tools, so feel free to suggest those.


I agree with this. You may also do PR where you add the awesome list to the official README>


Will do soon, I’m still consolidating the list, crawling and indexing all the Meteor resources I can find, and I wanted to start from within the forum to get input from the active folks here, the Meteor ecosystem is huge frankly, I’ve never seen a web platform with so much breadth, I’m surprised myself!


@vlasky I had another try, I managed to work out that I needed mysql 5.7 for the binlog to work. I got the reactive-mysql-example to work for me, so I was enthused

Now I’m trying to get it working with Meteor. I think I have the publication working, but I’m not sure how to get the data in the client. With a Mongo database, I can do a Collection.find() to get the data, but I can’t work out what is needed here to fetch the data. Presumably it doesn’t use minimongo in the client (Or does it?)

Any help would be appreciated

@mikkelking could you please start another thread for that, just to keep this thread focused, thanks.

Adding to community:


Adding Commercial section:

Meteor jobs from https://github.com/harryadelb/awesome-meteor-jobs/blob/master/README.md

Thanks Harry Adel for compiling this, I hope you don’t mind the integration, but I think it is useful to share here.

If anyone knows another company or board let us know.


I want to warmly recommend https://scalingo.com/ as a very meteor-friendly hosting solution.

We’re hosting a quite complex (imho) Meteor App there and it’s very simple, easy to set up and push-to-deploy. I can only highly recommend it.


  • Hosted in Europe, optionally - DSGVO anyone?
  • MongoDB - Hosting available out-of-the-box and well configured, with oplog, automated backups, yadda yadda
  • Fair price IMHO
  • Great and up-to-date docs
  • Fantastic support, I’ve had many questions and issues solved quickly and easily by an engaged team of devs / support staff, with almost immediate feedback every time and with high quality results & follow up every time.

Check it out:

PS: I’m not affiliated with Scalingo, except as a happy user.


Thanks for the recommendation @DanielDornhardt, I’ll add to the list and link it to your post.

Also please consider sponsoring the Meteor Community if your business is profitable.

Interesting, I wonder how did they manage to comply with the MongoDB SSPL license?

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Adding socialize to packages.

Packages for social interaction within Meteor applications

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Adding The Unchained Engine to open source:

The Unchained Engine is a headless & open-source e-commerce toolkit. The Unchained Engine is our core product and is written in Node.js ES6

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This is an awesome post, but it scares me that after 2 weeks it has only 25 likes.
I’d wish that Meteor was so popular that a post like this would have hundreds of likes.


No worries. There’s plenty of people. Some are just not as active on this forum. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @bluray!

Well, partially it’s my fault, because the original post from two weeks was heavily edited.

Also what @cloudspider mentioned. Clearly there are many busy developers working on many awesome projects on top of Meteor, otherwise, we won’t have that list, they are just ain’t as active in the forum. This is a tech forum, not Instagram and folks are busy coding. But I wouldn’t mind more likes, it is taking me time to create it and the projects are truly awesome :wink: .

But I myself is extremely impressed by the sheer volume of open-source activity surrounding Meteor, and I really think that the Meteor ecosystem deserves way more recognition, it is surely above and beyond everything else out there.

So make sure to spread the word and tell your friends and colleagues about it!


Hi Alawi,

you wrote:

Interesting, I wonder how did they manage to comply with the MongoDB SSPL license?

I asked them and they answered:


we are an official MongoDB partner (and I believe the only one for managed MongoDB in Europe). As thus, they validated our services and part of the pricing goes into licence fees to MongoDB Inc.

So, it seems like they’re cool and did their homework :slight_smile: