😎 Awesome Meteor List


Meteor + Electron for Desktop app. https://github.com/wojtkowiak/meteor-desktop


Bumping up and adding Mup to the list.

Although Mup has been here for while, it grew significantly over the last years.

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Thanks @afrokick!

Also judging by the clicks, there is interest in the Meteor build client package. I suspect a lot of folks would like to generate a static bundle from Meteor and deploy it somewhere, perhaps it is worth considering it part of the community packages. Same is true for the SQL support.

Let me know if I missed something you’ve been using, also I think it is worth adding the open source projects (like VulcanJS and others).


Adding Heroku buildpack.

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Meteor Vue with HMR: https://github.com/meteor-vue/vue-meteor


Adding LessWrong 2.0 to Open Source

Awesome discussion space, specially in the age of false information, build with Vulcan which is built on Meteor.

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FYI: The build client package is currently refined and released as 1.0 by @dr.dimitru who took over maintenance.

Please also add Meteor files which is also actively maintained by @dr.dimitru


Also another question: will this list be curated on GitHub later on?


@jkuester thanks for the suggestion, I’ve added Meteor files, it is really awesome! @dr.dimitru consider applying for Github sponser, and adding your packages to the community packaegs.

Yes, that was the plan, but I’m thinking it is good to have it running in the forum for some time so we collect input and engage the community, and then I think it is good to add to the community sites and GitHub.

I’m seeing another advantage in having it in the forum, we’re getting indirect analytics on the interest based on the links count click, can we do something like that in Github?

For the others, if you have a package or a meteor related resource that you like to share, do let us know so we can add it.

Adding Meteor GitHub sponser to the list.

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Adding Meteor SwiftDDP.

Adding recent PWA resources:



Adding Make CLI to tools


Make-CLI has one main goal – provide simple tools to create structure for your application in a repeatable manner. This is the nature of scaffolding.


Adding Scaling & performance best practices thread to the resources section.

Meteor Scaling/Performance Best Practices

The performance thread will later be converted to a guide or github book/wiki, right now we just need to consolidate the community knowledge, so please share what you know.


SimpleSchema - https://github.com/aldeed/simpl-schema by @aldeed
simple:rest (REST for Meteor) - https://github.com/stubailo/meteor-rest

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Thanks @afrokick

I’ve added GraphQL and Meteor Rest to the data layer section and simple schema to the technology section.

It is really impressive how much the community have built around Meteor! let me know if there anything else you would like to add


Adding Meteor Community Organization Sponsor:

Is the SQL integration still current? I had a play recently, and couldn’t get it to work with the latest Meteor release, and gave up disappointed. Does anyone have anything current?

Did you reach out to @vlasky? he might be able to help.