Meteor-build-client v1.0 pre-release

Hello Meteorites :wave:,

This is major upgrade of meteor-build-client library, which can help you to build server-less (client only) bundle of Meteor web application!

Whenever this is first time you hear about this library or already have experience with it, please, try running pre-release of v1.0 and report your experience in this PR.

Dry changelog:

  • Upgrade codebase to ES6;
  • Overall codebase refactoring and linting;
  • Remove spinner, simple-spinner dependency, and -hide, --hideSpinner command line options;
  • Support for modern (ES6) and legacy (ES5) builds (legacy build is
    used by default);
  • Support for Meteor’s <meteor-bundled-js/> and
    <meteor-bundled-css/> ;
  • Support for body.html and blaze-html-templates (see updated
  • Support for {{url-to-meteor-bundled-css}} placeholder, which can be
    used in <link rel="preload"> ;
  • --usebuild option now accepts <path> to the build;
  • Update NPM dependencies;
  • Closing: #53, #40;
  • Solving: #61, #57, #55, #42;
  • Taking into account: #59, #35.



Testing by community members end up on positive words and without bug reports, it’s officially out — v1.0.0, read its changelog and update today :wink:

Found a bug? Doesn’t meet your needs? Feel free to open new issue, submit a PR, or leave a message here to spark a discussion.


Oh dang. This is very cool.