Bachelor Paper on MeteorJS


Hello everybody!

I’m a last year student at Latvia University of Agriculture and I’ve decided to write my bachelor paper regarding MeteorJS.

I’m trying to figure out the most interesting topics to include, therefore I hope that you might help me and suggest the topics that I might include into my work.

Also I would be very happy to receive some links to the related scientific papers.

Thank you and have a nice day!


If you don’t mind me asking, how are agriculture and MeteorJS connected?


Oh recently I was asking the same question. You know, the univerity is quite old, and a lot has changed.


What are you studying? Have you specialized on certain topics?


Hey, yeah I studied Computer Science, but particularly I’m interested in programming itself, this is basically what I do for living. I develop web applications (usually backend) and this is basically what I will do in my bachelor. Therefore I will write a paper where I will describe the alternative way to develop WebApps, in this case, using MeteorJS.


@mizzao May be of some help, if I remember correctly.


I think for a paper it would be easiest to focus on one thing in Meteor, and compare that to other solutions. Good ideas might include:

  1. DDP (as opposed to other data sync/RPC solutions)
  2. Tracker (as opposed to promises, event emitters, functional reactive programming, etc)


Thank you, these topics seem to be quite interesting, I will make some research upon these two!


Ran across this article the other day.

The author does a good job highlighting 9 exceptionalities making meteor.js unique from other platforms.


Since the specifics of instantiated technological paradigms suffer from an inherently high decay rate; it would be more prudent from an academic point of view, in my silly opinion, to choose something more abstract for your topic.


I find it rather interesting how people have embraced DDP but not Tracker and Blaze.

Almost every other dev out there is trying to either replace Tracker or patch it to work like promises, event emitters, etc.

The same with Blaze where it is getting force-shaped into Angular or React.

I’m glad nobody is trying to make DDP work over/like REST :smile:


Thank you, for your replies!


I thought I was the only person to struggle when trying to explain to experienced programmers, new to Meteor, how to use Angular in a Meteor app - the answer being - why? Use Blaze and forget about forcing old paradigms into a well thought out platform. And I totally agree with you about Tracker - it is critical to understand how it fits in to avoid wasting time recreating it.

But you have to admit, DDP is really sweet. Coming from the .Net world of the last decade and such abominations as the dreaded “viewState” moving back and forth on every post, watching DDP in the Chrome>Dev>Network>WebSockets>Frames is a thing of beauty. Makes me wonder why it took so long to get to this point.


Thank you guys for your support!

If there is anything more to add, feel free!


Client side VS. Server side rendering
- match of the century

Client side rendering & SEO
- a case study backed by data + bonuss do’s and don’ts