Battery Usage of a meteor android app?


I currently developing a Mobile Meteor App for iOS and Android.

Currently I have only made the layout , button and the flow of the application.

To my surprise I got a warning from the Android system about high CPU and Battery usage.

Has somebody else recognised that ?
What is your experience with Meteor and Mobile APPs in terms of CPU and battery usage ?

Exists a tool to analyse such problems ?



Are you sure you don’t have a leak somewhere or a recursion problem?

I removed the famous, famous-views from my app and everything was ok.

I made in my app a quick check of famous. I wrote only one template with famous stuff inside.

Very strange: I didn’t used that famous template.

May be famous is very battery power hungry :sunglasses:

Interesting, famous was developed for mobile in the first place.

@doedel, @serkandurusoy - the early versions of famous were written somewhat naively. Everything layout related (size, position, rotation, etc, and what needed to be rendered) were recalculated on every frame. This got improved a lot by 0.3.5 (by caching values and in many cases, only recalculating when needed) - but reached architectural limitations.

The new mixed mode release (0.5) is a major step up in this regard. A lot more attention was paid to ensuring calculations only run when necessary, and especially, garbage management. Less so in terms of memory consumption, more so in terms of the garbage collection interfering with performance (and consequently, battery life too). In short, the new version is a class apart.

Having said that, we’re still talking about a preview version < 1.0, that’s only just come out in beta – with no pre-built components/widgets yet. One can evaluate suitability for different types of projects on an individual basis with this in mind.

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Hey there. In getting the same warnings, where can I start looking to diagnose this?

Is this famous related? Famous is “dead” (weird pivot of the startup) though I heard they’ve open sourced some of the technology to continue work on it.

no, just straight up meteor and blaze.