Bay Area Meteor Night, May 30th [UPDATE: VIDEO LINKS]

Videos from Meteor Night

The videos from this Meteor Night are now available to watch online!

I’m excited to announce that on May 30th Qualia will be hosting the first Bay Area Meteor Night in over a year! See the event for more details.

From now on Qualia will be hosting Meteor Night. You can look forward to regular meetups, held once every other month.

The format of the meetup will be the same as ever. We will provide food, drinks, and time to mingle. There will be 3 speakers talking about exciting developments in the Meteor ecosystem:

Lucas Hansen (Qualia, CTO) - 10,000 Hours Into Meteor
Theodor Diaconu (Cult of Coders, CEO) - Redis Oplog, Grapher, and Apollo Live
Ben Newman (Meteor, Tech Lead) - Meteor 1.7

I look forward to seeing you all there!


Glad to see this back in action!


Congratulations, Lucas! Both for this, and for the recent success.


Nice! Will it be recorded?


Yep, and there will be a live stream as well!


When will the URL for the live stream be posted?

Waiting for attending the event remotely!

Thank you so much for doing this !

This is awesome! When I saw that topic appear I felt that thrill I used to get back in the day when these were a regular thing.

… is it going to be a regular thing? EDIT: Ah - read the post again (too excited the first time) - it is!


Well done @veered and @diaconutheodor

You two are great contributors and all around heros. Thanks for spearheading this, we now need to market this event aggressively.

I am hoping soon enough we will be sponsors as well, and slowly build up the list of companies that have benefitted from Meteor and MDG’s great work (including the infamous Ben Newman and @sashko)

God speed!


The time for the Meteor Renaissance is now!


Thank you all, I guarantee this night will blow your socks off. I’ve already discussed with Lucas and Ben and it’s going to be grand, we’ll be show-casing open-sourced bleeding edge tools and we’re going to talk about the newest exciting features of Meteor.

Btw, any feedback on the banner ?


Wow, so exciting! the banner looks amazing, like a poster for an epic Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster movie, Lucas, Ben and Theodor on a Meteor approaching earth :smiley:

Great initiative guys, can’t wait for the impact night!


Whoa… @diaconutheodor is in California… any chance you’re visiting LA? And I wonder why you’re in the Bay area… collaborating with MDG possibly!?

Love the excitement @evolross! I may be able to take a flight to LA, not currently in the plans. The reason I’m in Bay Area is because I’m a speaker.

Is there going to be a stream or afterwards video posted on youtube or something?

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Yep there will be a live stream and it’ll also go out on YouTube after the event!


Awesome! I am in the Bay Area and will definitely try to make it! Banner looks awesome!


Look forward to see it live

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