Bay Area Meteor Night, May 30th [UPDATE: VIDEO LINKS]


This is great! Looking forward to the stream :slight_smile:


Meteor has a blog post up about Meteor Night!


I’d love to be present, but I’ll be in Italy :frowning:
I hope you’ll record the event and make videos available online.


I can’t express how excited I am for this!


Hey guys! The day has finally come.

Here is the live stream link. Talks start at 6:30PM, PST.


It’s so exciting to see the wealth of Meteor talents @benjamn, @diaconutheodor - showcasing and keeping Meteor communities together all these years with regular releases of features, agnostic platform integrations, bug fixes etc… Meteor won, we won.


And we’re live!


Watching Meteor Night live was awesome!! :sunglasses: Good job guys!


I got the timezone calculation wrong and missed the first two talks! I could only re-wind the livestream to the last 5 min of Ben’s talk :sob:

Is the full recording going up later?


Yep! We will put it up as soon as we can


Please share the presentations too.


I don’t have links to the others, but here’s @benjamn’s presentation:


I absolutely loved this night. Thanks for all the people who made it possible! Glad to see Meteor comunity growing :grin:


I look forward to seeing the presentations once they’re up on YouTube. I missed these and Transmission


Hey guys, here is mine (PPTX format)


Just had a quick look over your slides. Looks impressive, definitely need to take some time to go through. Redis / Grapher will be probably my next step for scaling my (just launched) app.


Apparently it’ll be a week or two before we upload the videos. Apparently they need go through post-production editing. I’ll keep you guys updated!

Btw, here is a link to my slides.


Noooooooo, can’t wait that long for so much awesomeness! :sob:


Missed this live and looking forward to watching the videos once they’re available. I’ve been going through the slide links above. Looks awesome everyone! :smiley: You guys rock!


Hello, any update on this? Not sure how much post they need. Surely just a few cuts here and there and possibly split per talk :slight_smile:

Also will they be uploaded to the official MeteorVideos YouTube channel?