Bay Area Meteor Night, May 30th [UPDATE: VIDEO LINKS]


@scarbies it will be uploaded to Qualia channel (since they are hosting it now) and yep, it’s almost done. Stay tuned guys!


@diaconutheodor We’d also be interested in posting it to the Meteor YouTube channel (with due credit to Qualia and their efforts in hosting it, of course). Let me know if there’s anything I can do to facilitate that — perhaps via DM, if necessary!


You’ll have to talk to @veered. I would really love that to happen -> more views!


Hey, any updates on this? :slight_smile:


Yes, I’m really keen to see these presentations too. Being halfway around the world, I didn’t get to see the live stream of the event.

So glad to see this initiative back!


I think it’s very poor that it’s taken so long to get published.


@scarbies don’t worry it creates anticipation :smiley: , sorry about it though. ping @veered


In general, there are a number of steps involved in getting production quality video from the venue where they were recorded to YouTube, but any hold up at this point due to my own obligations which needed to be handled since @veered gave the raw video to me earlier this week.

They should be up today; I appreciate any patience you can afford me. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the content — it’s quite good! :slight_smile:


Videos are live! For succinctness, I’ll let this Tweet speak for itself — but I hope you’ll all indulge yourselves!


@abernix thanks for getting it live on the Meteor Youtube Channel!


Ohh, awesome talks @diaconutheodor @veered and @benjamn!

Well worth the wait! :wink:


Just watched @benjamn’s talk about Meteor 1.7 and even though he apparently had to pick up the speed half way through and skip some slides, it really helped explain just how awesome feat the modern-legacy bundling system in Meteor is! Great stuff :raised_hands:

Two more to go, need another cup of :coffee:


This is great guys. Well done to everyone involved!:clap::clap: Hope to see more nights like this in the future.