Best cheap host for meteor?

I want a good but cheap host that can handle a good amount of traffic.

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NodeChef provides a very good platform for hosting meteor apps and databases.

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Did you tried it for your apps?

Oh, They are very expensive.

I can get a good host for the same price at

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If price is first consideration - go for DigitalOcean - It’s good from price as well as performance point of view.


I second the opinion about DigitalOcean. You can host a basic app even on a $5 droplet. Then if you ever need to expand, you can upgrade to $10, $20 or more expensive ones.

The same also applies to Linode and other VPS hosts (Linode offers more RAM but less transfer for the same price). Check out this article which neatly compares those options.

The downside is that you need to set it up manually and deployment can be a bit harder, but it’s worth to learn how to do it.


The only problem i have with digital ocean is that i can’t use my card in there.

They are not accepting my card. I think they only accept a credit card. I created a VCC card in entropy, loaded it with money. But still it doesn’t accept it. I just lost those money trying it.

Since you don’t specify self-managed or otherwise, and for anyone else in the same hunt, a great resource is Low End Box.

It’s been on-line for at least 5 years that I have seen. but possibly much longer, and seems to be the “go to” battle ground for low price hosting services to flog their wares. The coupons offered can get you serious reductions as well.

The comments section can give you a feel for what other user’s experienced and the quality of support each service provides, if they step in.

IBM Bluemix is free for their lowest tier.

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I’ve got a couple project apps running on NodeChef. Been with them for a while now and am very happy with the service.


Comparing other host providers like vultr and linode, I think nodechef is expensive.

yeah it’s not a fair comparison though. PaaS vs IaaS.
With Vultr and Linode you need to maintain OS and Application stacks yourself.


OVH starting at 2.99 euros / mo, 1 x 2.4 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 10 GB SSD


Aruba has 1€ / month VPS with 1G RAM & 20G SSD. That’s the cheapest I know of. I run Meteor & Docker there, it works, has small gitches sometimes, isn’t really fast. I can recommend it for small & non-critical projects. has a “free forever” tier for demos and small projects. Haven’t tried it yet.


I’m looking for the same. Is a contender? Anyone used them?

They accept Paypal I think if that can help you.

NodeChef (256MB) - $15/mo (forget the 128MB container, Meteor needs more RAM than that)
AWS EC2 (1GB) - $5.75/mo if paid 1 year up front for a reserved instance

Of course with NodeChef, you run a simple command to deploy your app and it’s a done deal, database and all. With AWS, you need to rely on a third party deployment app such as mup or pm2-meteor.

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If you’re looking for a PaaS, also check out Scalingo. They’re the cheapest I’ve been able to find, and they support Meteor natively!

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Otherwise use Mup with any VPS host like DO, Vultr, or anything in between.

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If Europe as a location is not an issue I’d suggest to go with

I’m an happy customer of a bare metal server with 4 Dedicated x86 64bit Cores, 8GB Memory and 50GB SSD Disk at just €11.99/Month

Everything works great. Customer support is quick to answer questions though many answers are like

we will not be able to help you about it as it is a software issue

I’ve been spoiled by other CS with more empathy, but in any case the price/ratio is awesome and servers are very fast.

You get a dedicated a bare metal server and can virtually throw anything at it.

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