Best Practices for "on-boarding" a new programmer


I am sure many of you are dealing with this situation - you have a very talented programmer experienced in .Net, Java, or PHP and you want to get them up to speed as to the “meteor” way.

What to you consider the best sources, today, to familiarize a new team member with Meteor?

Thanks, and any lessons learned or learning shortcuts are greatly appreciated.


A primer on javascript, callbacks, async, node, reactivity and nosql all on a conceptual level followed by a day or two with Discover Meteor.

Following that you can introduce them to your app and they’ll eventually pick it up.

It would be harder if there is no existing app. In that case, I’d suggest keeping one lead dev work out the overall architecture and then add new devs one by one, each pair programming with the prior one for a week or two. And no more than 2 novices per experienced dev.


Here’s how I taught myself:

Pair programming is of course amazing, something I really miss now that I’m on my own…


We will. I just need to stop procrastinating — coincidentally it is procrastination day today (March 25th) :slight_smile:


I’ve posted a Teach yourself Meteor in six weeks curriculum on Meteorpedia, and it was well-received on Crater:

Developers who have JavaScript and front-end experience, but are new to Meteor and need to get proficient with building single-page apps, can follow the curriculum below. It should take between one and two months to go through the curriculum, assuming you can stop working with other JS tech, and focus on learning Meteor for at least four focused hours a day, then gradually resume working on some apps.