Best practise: Generically create & manage "email-accounts" on server from meteor? (like evernote does)

Hi guys,

I’d love to generically create one individual email-address for each of my user, p.e. like evernote does it. An email-account might look like this "". I need to manage & access those accounts from meteor.

What is the best technology-stack? Has anyone done something like this before? YIhaaa - I am pretty sure there is. :smile:

  1. What mailserver would you guys recon to use on ubuntu?
  2. Are there scripts available to create the accounts from meteor?
  3. Pop3 or imap? I guess that imap does not scale where well, so it probably is better to access those emails from meteor via pop3?

I am really looking forward to your answers!

I have never done this but you don’t have to create the individual accounts. You do a “catch-all” of all incoming mail and then sort the mails according to sending adress.

Check out


Thanks for your tips guys!! looks awesome!