🍕 Blaze / Async Migration Helper: Babel Plugin Tracker-Async-Enhance for the Client Side released

Hi! :smile:


I had released this as a gist already & mentioned in my recent “State of Blaze” - posts, too…

But here it is now: a babel plugin to automatically add Tracker.withComputation - statements throughout your async code

This is one puzzle piece to enable bigger (Blaze?) codebases with more complex reactive code in the client to continue to work without having to manually Tracker.withComputation to every other line.

You can play with it here: :arrow_right::arrow_right::arrow_right: Playground - AST Explorer :arrow_left::arrow_left::arrow_left: - your code goes top left, bottom right is the modified code.

Current Status

It helps us, we’re using it already, we’re putting our first Async version into production this week - we’re maybe 50% through with our source code - and we had ca. 800 files changed…

So yeah! Big piece of the puzzle, and I’d be happy about some feedback.

Blaze State-Of-The-Union right now

Good news also on the Meteor.callAsync front recently, there seem to be actually two approaches wanting to be evaluated right now: Proposal to fix issues with async method stubs

I’ll go over & update the transition documentation I recently started when I’ll find the time in the upcoming days too.

I think it’ll might make sense to split the migration documentation into two parts, Meteor in General and one for Blaze Projects, as Blaze projects are different beasts when it comes to the migration IMHO.

Also, there’ll be a Meteor Roundtable Talk talk next Tuesday on Youtube where I hope we’ll speak about the current status of BlazeJS, FYI, catch you there everybody!


It’d be nice to get some feedback on the general direction for this plugin.

As all of you developers know, it’s a lot of work to develop these tools, to polish them up, and to release them.

It’d be cool to hear what you guys are thinking to keep me motivated to continue working on more Blaze-related migration stuff :slight_smile:

All the best everybody!!!