Blaze Poweruser Group: "Awesome Blaze"


It would be great to have a group where active Blaze users unite :fist: and collect a list of their repos, packages, tools etc. and manage some collaboration.

@arggh just came up with the term “Awesome Blaze”, which I personally like a lot.

Edit - Here is the direct link to the list on Github:


There are many great packages / tools for Blaze out there but many of them are abandoned, need a maintainer or just some more documentation in order to get more attention. And because of such many Blaze users still end in writing their own tools, reinventing the wheel for the Nth time.

How could such a group organize?

This what I would like to hear from you/us. There are many options for that like

  • Github organizazion
  • Slack / Gitter Group
  • Dedicated Blaze Forum
  • Keeping this thread alive until MAX_POSTS limit is reached :stuck_out_tongue:
  • … what else?

Would be great to hear some input from the Blaze power users here :slight_smile:

Some love for Blaze: Teleport

I’d say definitely a Github repo with an up-to-date list of these Blaze projects.

Slacks, Gitters and forums etc. work poorly as a source of curated information. Everything gets lost in the sea of chatter.


To be honest, I didn’t come up with that - it’s a fairly common name pattern for such repos!

But words to actions - should I get that repo started?


Yes, please!


Yes, that would be great!


@arggh do you post the link here?


Sorry for the wait, we have been celebrating the Father’s Day this weekend where I live. Here’s the link for the repo, let’s make some adjustments based on comments before I put up an announcement :slight_smile:

Please do submit PR’s for whatever packages you feel are worthy of mentioning or if you have ideas how to make this list better!


This is a very good idea.
We are developing and selling Rationalk : (sorry only in french). A project management software for companies. It is made of 1280 blaze templates ! We are pretty happy with the templating engine. Simple and robust. For us the only drawbacks is that everything is load in the bundle (around 7 MB…) event if we do not need it.


Go ahead and make a pull request :+1:

Regarding the large bundle size, you can use dynamic imports if you’re using a recent enough version of Meteor. Just make sure you are also using the latest Blaze v2.3.3.


If I got it right the lazy loading in Meteor 1.8+ is also to the rescue regarding bundle size, isn’t it?


Yeah and you u could be using the visualizer to see what’s what to help you figure out lazy load candidates.


There’s also a slack group.


It’s been on the list since the beginning of said list!


Just an FYI as it seems relevant to this group, I extracted blaze to an npm package so it can be ran outside of meteor.