Can I use Meteor for my insurance policy project?

I have project for sell insurance policy
I sign agreement some insurance company and they give me data for policy
and my customer search policy for car for personal health and I get best match for customer from other insurances data

now this system must be quick and this 5 company data big

accounts :
2.customer representative
3.admin for backend
4.superadmin for backend

customer representative must be private chat with customer

Can I use meteorjs for this system or you suggestion different JS.

If you are already proficient and experienced with some other framework, stick with that. What you already know is always the best one to know when you are starting a business where time is your most precious and most scarce asset.

If you are not experienced in development, and you cannot find a technical cofounder, then Meteor is probably one of the easier platforms to learn and utilize. It also provides you with a great set of tools, ecosystem and community to rapidly develop your apps prototype.

Growing that prototype into a full blown, scalable system is another journey. You’ll have many questions and obstacles there with any stack but if I read into your question correctly, you have not engineered/designed your product yet. These questions are extremely vague and probably applicable to every other app out there.

So, in order to get a fuller answer, you need to ask a fuller question. But considering the way you’ve asked your question, what I’ve said above stands; if you already know something else, go with that. If not, come on board and the awesome meteor community will do their best to help you out.


serkan hocam kendimi anlatamadim demekki ben frontend ve backend programcılığı ile uğraşıyorum. Genelde Php ve mongodb alt yapisi ile çalışıyorum.

projenin hizli olmasi ve devamli herkesle alışveriş halinde olmasi lazim sence en iyi yol bildigin yoldur diyip oylemi devam edeyim nodejs hiç karistirmiyim mi
ama sistemin hızlı olması lazim 5 sigorta firmasindan anlik veri cekmem gerekicek

As far as I understand from what I get on

Serkan my teacher told myself I could say that I am dealing with the frontend and the backend programming. Usually I’m working with PHP and MongoDB infrastructure.

The project was fast and everyone to be in continuous shopping lazim you think is the way you know the best way I keep my nodejs just say I’ve never gone so far karistirmiy
but the system is fast lazim 5 insurance company would not instantaneous data gerekicek

If you are not familiar with javascript and nodejs, you’ll need to learn those concepts before even attempting to master meteor. And since you are talking about retrieving data from companies and such, you sound like you have some serious, business-critical task at hand, for which you absolutely must stick with what you know best.

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sorry my friend your name is turkish name and I think so you are turkish man sorry

my problem

Im developer

My main question I must using meteor or any nodejs system for my project

because I want very quickly system

I research angular, react, meteor

I need help

normally I use Php, Mongodb, RainTPL Temple engine

but wherever used nodejs,

Im chief programmer and project manager

I need to make a decision

The system will be continuously query

customer send query, customer representative send query

admin see everything

this is complex

I used to Laravel Framework to build my project too, But now I try with meteor.
Meteor is fastest to learn, to develop, to run and a single page (don’t refresh).
My user is very happy, when use app…

We used Meteor to build our travel insurance point of sale. You can see our test site here:

It’s a little different than your situation, where most of our insurance rules and pricing is handled on a non-Meteor backend server via an API, but in our experience, Meteor was awesome. It allowed us to create the site in a fraction of the time it used to take us to create web applications (using old JSF technology).

You mention receiving huge sets of data from 3rd party providers, which clearly requires a server side solution.

But then you mention react and angular which are purely client side presentation technologies.

I sincerely believe you need to do some more research on what javascript frameworks/platforms are, which ones are for the user interfaces and which ones are for server side processing.

Nodejs in that land is the barebones server platform/technology that interprets javascript in a vm environment that runs on the server. It is powerful with short, low-cpu-bound, single-threaded, mainly event driven and asynchronous tasks.

Meteor builds on top of node on the server side and adds some client side tools to provide an all-round platform that utilizes the same core apis on both the server and the client.

Your requirement about getting data from 3rd party services is not related to what meteor brings on the table, although having consistent client/server apis and publication of that data to the client subscriptions is most definitely a plus.

But, again, your questions lead me to think that you are only vaguely familiar with javascript-based technologies and this will be a big problem for you if you don’t solve this first.

A typical learning curve from zero to javascript&node&meteor chief programmer title is realistically not less than a year. Since you say that you are already hold a chief and a manager position with your php skills and having a complex task at hand, I still think you are wasting your precious time reading/writing on this forum.

But if you have the time, and want this project to also be a learning experience, meteor is much easier to grasp compared to other similar platforms.

If you are set on learning meteor, I suggest you first take 5-7 weeks to go through and take 3-4 weeks to go through and after which you will be able to begin working on your actual app while reading through as well as some nodejs resources.

This is probably not the answer you want to hear but I’m trying to be honest about what you’ll need to face.

Again, we are all here to help should you have any question, no matter how trivial you think it would be.


We just rebranded. The link above is now

i’d be curious to check out the code for this or something similar - do you have it on github or somewhere? thanks