Can Meteor be used from Enterprise Development

Hi There!
We are currently working on a health care domain and we have embraced Microsoft as our development platform. Now we are in need of rapid development platform and came across meteor !.
I need somebody to educate me on following specs
cloud hosting
Enterprise App list
HealthCare App list
Deployment consideration
IDE’s and debugging
Support and road map
team and people behind this
licensing and cost
learning curve
ease of protyping and development
integration with enterprise technologies (.Net, Java etc)
NFR’s to be considered

I can tell you that in terms of [quote=“neethiwin, post:1, topic:16815”]
ease of protyping and development
it’s REALLY GOOD :wink:

won’t chip in too much on the rest, as I think there’s a lot of people who can probably tell you more!

You should definitely ping @awatson1978 for the healthcare domain as she’s been leading an effort to release and maintain a meteor track with everything you need to develop HIPAA compliant enterprise healthcare apps.

I am fairly confident to say that your checklist is fullfilled.

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