Can we integrate WordPress with meteorjs?

I want to integrate WordPress with meteorjs and then the web application that will be developed using the combination of two will be deployed as a android application or an iOS app.

Is it possible in meteor or not?

Wordpress has a very clean web service api which you can consume through your meteor app either with the HTTP package or third party packages to read/manage your whole content. You can also embed meteor apps as widgets into your wordpress site using techniques described in this post.

I built a test using the wordpress json api plugin so that I could pull my guitar blog posts into meteor app, it’s just running on the domain so it’s a bit slow but you get the idea:

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I’m struggling to implement the WP-API using []. There seems to be very little documentation specifically for meteor apps using the WP-API.

Any chance I can see the source code for your blog app?

I recomend you orion instead of wordpress

Sure, I might not have done it the best way I kind of hacked it together and had to put in a lot of checks for certain types of content when outputting such as youtube iframes and images to ensure they were responsive but the main bulk of the code is in the server.js -

You could also use Contentful ( which is a very flexible CMS that just creates api’s rather than rendering content to the screen.

Thanks! That did the trick. I’ve been trying to get the WP-API to work in this boilerplate without any luck.

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Well, wp-api is quite well documented on wp-api page I think.
I was planning to do some meteor based cache too to speed up some things and add few reactive improvements.
But than I got stucked in another big project.

I’ve just finished creating a Meteor/React version of my Guitarnoize Meteor app which is a much cleaner implementation. You can see a demo here -

Repo here -

Im struggling to pull in the main featured image from the json response. I see you haven’t implemented that on your two examples. Any clues?

I’m afraid I only pulled in post content, but I am using this plugin which has pretty good documentation:

I’m not 100% sure but it seems like the featured image seems to be called thumbnail with this api?

Any reason you are not using WP-API v2?

Sure, I’ve been working on a project that uses Drupal as a backend CMS interface and the data is pushed into Mongo using a DDP bridge we built. Works great to power the iOS app we built using Meteor and Cordova.

Hey Josh, will there be a blog on the DDP bridge? It sounds very interesting.

I haven’t seen that one before, I just had this json api plugin installed from years ago so continued to use it :slight_smile:

OK cool, yeah so I realized that using different API plugins meant the actual json schema is different, so I had to modify the data attributes to match those from WP-API v2. All working now, thanks!

worked as a good starting point for my project as well. Thanks