Cannot connect to Kadira

I am using demeteorizer to deploy my application to Azure and am not able to connect to Kadira for monitoring.

I have it set through my settings.json, but the kadira dashboard shows no activity. I know it is connected though because the errors tab on kadira shows a couple client errors.

I am completely lost with this and appreciate any help/advice



They closed their doors, so long Kadira.

This doesn’t help with your particular query, but is shutting down at midnight PST tonight.

MDG has picked it up, and it is available open source if you want to set up your own monitoring, and on Galaxy at their Professional level, although the latter isn’t any help if you’re deploying on Azure.

Is there a guide to set up the open source project for a specific app?

Yes: Running a own Kadira instance Update: now with a guide!
It’s fairly complicated though. Hopefully an easier install will become available soon.

Thank you so much. Hopefully this works, but i am not holding my breath, since my post was about this happening for some time now, not just with the shutdown

I’m happy I got full use out of Kadira before it went down. Seriously saved my butt. Wish it was still online.

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same here, was such a useful tool to have.

Aren’t you using Galaxy? Then you should have a still working Kadira built in :grinning: Called Meteor APM now, after MDG took it over.