MDG acquires Kadira APM

So excited that we can finally announce this news about Kadira, something we’ve been working on for a while!

More details to come soon!


Excellent news! In fact, I was expecting MDG to develop its own platform and compete with Kadira. It’s a natural extension to have a complete framework which includes analytics AND data. Well done!

Also, looking forward to the marketing that will come next, as alongside Apollo, MDG now has a complete ecosystem (only missing are moving key packages to NPM + making redis-oplog first-class citizen for high-scalability realtime apps)


I’m hoping MDG open-sources Kadira. There’s barely any good Node APM tools that are open source, but Meteor can be different!


Great news for the meteor community!!! I think we can give @aronanda a well deserved :clap: :clap: :clap: - in one way or another I think all of meteor gained a lot from his efforts. I’m excited to see how MDG integrate with Kadira in the long run.


Personally, while I would appreciate everything being open source, I don’t think it would serve the community well for each developer to start setting up their own analytics server. This forum will get inundated with “Where is the ‘on’ button on APM” – we can barely keep up with people having a hard time uploading their Meteor project onto a server!

It would be a great paid SaaS addition to Meteor (= revenues = more investment in Meteor). If you need analytics and care about performance, you are probably making money, so can afford to pay for a service (which is not your core, so you would want to outsource something as important as this).


Addition: and for many of us who cannot use Galaxy for one reason or another, we can actually feel good about ourselves paying for an MDG service.

Was kind of expecting this, but still very glad to hear.
Also happy we can finally pay something to MDG, since we’re not using Galaxy ATM.

I just received the email Kadira sent out regarding this. In it they say that MDG will be open sourcing the app, so you’ll be able to self-deploy. They do note that “You may need to wait a few weeks after MDG launches its initial version of Kadira to see the open-source version.”


Sounds good! I wonder why I never receive mails from Kadira though :confused:

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Wonderful news! Btw, does this mean MDG will maintain FlowRouter as well?


Great news. Thanks @sashko for sharing this wonderful news.

I wonder how much was the deal was made for ? $$$ wise


Great move! Will this be a separate service or will it be just another perk of using galaxy over MupX + whoever?

automatic server-side error logging (kadira) + performance metrics (kadira) + galaxy hosting starting at $26ish/month blows away the cobbling-together-everything-yourself-to-save-$10-a-month strategy.


I’m just wondering about the future plans. If I understand MDG right, they will replace the current Mongo Pub/Sub system with Apollo. Kadira is based on the Mongo system, while Apollo has already a monitoring tool.

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Great. This is exactly my best case outcome. Really excited to see what you guys do with it :smiley:

From what I gather based upon the information we received (as well as some assumptions based on the article for new acquisition posted above) all that you listed will eventually be integrated together in some fashion. Apollo integrated in to Meteor, and Kadira integrated in to that system, usable by Mongo (or any other database) with some likely integration in to Galaxy as well.

I’m very thankful to hear about this! Good plan MDG.

You don’t need to use Galaxy. My site is working great with Digital Ocean. I didn’t have any background in setting up a Ubuntu server and ran into a few issues my first round but after a couple of days, now it is really easy for me to do. I’m only paying $5/month. I also have it encrypted with Let’s Encrypt. You should give it a try.

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Digitalocean is great, but you problem starts when scaling and devops increase.

Okay, sounds like you speak from experience. I can’t confirm your statement but I’ll keep it in mind. Thanks!

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