Can't find a good WYSIWYG editor for Meteor/React stack

I am working on an app that has a blog component, and I have spent hours looking for a pre-packages WYSIWYG html editor that plays nice with Meteor and React.

I have tried several that I found, but most haven’t been updated in months, and none of them use ES6 imports. I had Medium Editor working, butI can’t seem to get any of the extensions to work, namely the CustomHtml extension so I can add my own buttons.

I think tried AlloyEditor, but I can’t seem to figure out how to import it.

Has anyone found anything worth while that simply works out of the box?

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Oops, misunderstood the post. :slight_smile: Some people have used Facebook’s Draft.js to build some stuff, maybe check those out (just do a search). Draft.js is pretty intense and low-level, so I wouldn’t expect to use that directly, unless you want to spend a good several hours building your own WYSIWYG component.

I’m using which I’ve found to be excellent. I have a couple of custom extensions with no issues at all.

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I’ll check it out. I was trying to avoid having to write something myself or having to force something to work w/ React in a way that was not intuitive.


I’m looking at using react quill for a project. Is is possible to add custom buttons to it at all? Also, what was the benefit of using react-quill over the normal quill.js - noob q: i don’t understand why have the wrapper at all as quill can be brought in directly with npm right?

Hey, I was wondering if you did find answers to your questions? :slight_smile:

Have you given a shot?

You can do quite a lot with it. See

I ended up using draft.js. You have to do some work to get it functional, but it worked well for my needs.


i went with drafts too. it works well, and is simple to use.

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How to export HTML from editor?

How to import HTML to editor?

use the convertToRaw and convertFromRaw to store in DB. FB has a opensource import HTML. Other people have created export HTML functions.

Does this also work with Quill?

not sure bud - i went with draft js.

I use, which is built on top of draft.js

I personally do not export to html at all, instead, i use the read-only-mode of megadraft to display the content. An editor of the page can do in-place-editing (by setting the editor to write-mode)

Hey macrozone can you give more information on how you setup it?

Saw this yesterday : WebFlow Might be what you want … ?

Seems to understand react … Building react components using webflow.

You can also look at [alternatives to] ( it.