Cant install meteor through npm install - Windows server

It was 12.x not exactly sure the number, but I was just trying to see if I could reproduce the issue.

If it doesn’t mess up your stuff, maybe you could try uninstalling node and using nvm for windows to install it and see if that fixes all your issues.

But i am still guessing here.

I totally appreciate your help in figuring this out. Yeah, I totally don’t want to mess with the node version right now, I’m not currently using nvm, but probably should be, lol. I think after I finish my next project I’ll install nvm, especially since Meteor keeps the node version pegged back so far.

I should say I feel so confused about this all.

Some questions about npm meteor install:

  1. Does it use the same folder that meteor create uses? (C:\Users\smrso\AppData\Local.meteor\packages\meteor-tool)

  2. Does it allow to have several meteor versions in that folder? (as we are accustomed to do. I have several meteor apps. Each one uses a different version of meteor. I need them all).

  3. If I run meteor-installer uninstall or npm uninstall meteor, which meteor version exactly will it try to uninstall? Because there are so many of them in installation folder? I counted more that 20 meteor versions in folder C:\Users\smrso\AppData\Local.meteor\packages\meteor-tool.

Finally, when I run $ npm install -g meteor, and it says:

Meteor is already installed at C:\Users<userNameL>\AppData\Local.meteor
If you want to reinstall it, run:

$ meteor-installer uninstall
$ meteor-installer install

  • meteor@2.7.0

What is the reason it says that? meteor 2.7 was not installed. And if I run:

$ meteor-installer uninstall
$ meteor-installer install

is it going to delete .meteor folder? Will all my meteor installed versions be gone after that?

If you look at my tests, you can see that depending on how node was installed, the path it installs meteor seems to be different.
But from what I understand, there are 2 folders or path for meteor.
One for the installer and one for the actual application or something like that.

If you run meteor-installer uninstall it removes meteor completely yes.
From what I can see in my tests.

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Thanks …