Challenge: Google Shopping Search Results API

Hey guys!

Here’s an interesting challenge I’m facing… I am developing a price comparison tool and therefore need to run automated queries on Google Shopping to get stores and prices. (I’m developing it with Meteor)

I am looking for tools that allow me to do so. I found only one so far:

Unfortunately, Google seems to have a regional block on shopping results, showing them only to IP’s located in the country. Since all of SerpAPI’s IP’s are in the US and I need results for Brazil, it doesn’t work.

Does someone have a suggestion what I could do? Maybe another similar company I could try, or a different approach to this problem…?

Note: I also thought about using something like semantics3 or Indix, but they turned out to be way too expensive (~USD 5k/month to start).

But it looks like you can tell SerpApi to originate your search from a specific location as described in Google Search Engine Results API - SerpApi

Am I missing something?

Hi Serkan,

I talked to them about this location param (and tested it), but it seems that Google Shopping runs on some sort of “IP Lock”.

The location param injects an ‘uule’ param that gives you the results for a precise location, down to a city. However if there is IP locked it won’t reflect it. Regular adwords do respect ‘uule’ so you get ads from wherever. But maybe shopping ads are coded differently on Google side.

Aah, well, that’s a bummer. Does SerpApi support have anything to say about it? Any potential solution that they can offer?

They offered to purchase brazilian IP’s… but it would take a while.

That might be your best solution for now because afaik SerpApi provides lots of features that might otherwise be too costly for you to build from scratch.

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